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Life of Colleen: Wardrobe ponderings

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Wardrobe ponderings
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Thursday, September 11, 2008 at 12:01 AM (Pacific)

I realize I opine far more about wardrobe than fashion. (Hence the wardrobe label of this blog.)

Fashion is for the young. Sure, I skim fashion articles, finding them harmless and sometimes interesting, but I seldom consider buying anything I see written up as such. I already know what I like. And I feel the strength of fashion lies in crystallizing images, spinning dreams into cloth, for people who haven't yet completely defined what they like.

Does that make sense? In my youth, I adored magazines, and can still recall exact photographs I saw when I was that age. Oh, they had this spread in Seventeen, with this gorgeous brunette wearing a series of black cotton clothes--very unusual and hard to find back then (most likely in the late 70's). I pined for those clothes (or to look like that brunette for that matter).

Now, should I read the same type of feature now, I'd, where would I wear such clothes? Could I wear them to work? How about the weekend? Would the pieces mix and match with what I already own? How colorfast are these clothes? It's worse than that actually; the truth is, I'd never even get that far. I would think straight off: nice, but not my style.

Well, I finally got two Supima cotton sweaters. (Wrote earlier about Supima cotton here.) So far...they're fabulous. Of course that doesn't mean a whole lot, since I haven't washed them yet, but I feel rather positive about them.

supima cotton sweaters

The "cream heather" one (left) I got for my daughter, while the dark navy (right) was for me. (The latter is a men's sweater; thought I'd give it a shot.) These weren't in stock at the b & m stores yet, so we were stuck ordering online, since I had a points certificate with Eddie Bauer.

The ladies' Supima v-neck runs a tad small, and the men's sweater runs large (I had a medium of it originally, based on the site measurements, but I was swimming in it.) So we ended up switching. My daughter looks best in clothes which aren't skintight (she's still growing), and I can always use another incarnation of the White Shirt (it fits more like a shirt than a sweater).

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