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Life of Colleen: Mederma review, part 1

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Mederma review, part 1
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Friday, December 26, 2008 at 10:21 PM (Pacific)


I've been using this since the beginning of December. The short version is I was in a boating accident late November, while in Jamaica. Something hit me on the head, and the gash required nine stitches. It was a nice straight gash (according to the doctor who did the stitches) and I felt rather fortunate, could have been a lot worse...anyhow, I started using Mederma a couple of days after the stitches were removed.

Though it's a bit difficult for me to say whether this stuff works, in the sense I never bothered treating a scar before--since this was on my face, I thought I should try fading it--and it's been only four weeks of the recommended eight--still I feel it's working. The shallower part of the scar is nice and soft. The deeper end still feels a bit thick and hard, but again it's early in the game.

Mederma is basically onion extract along with botanical extracts and perfume (so you don't smell like an onion). You are to massage a thin layer into the scar three to four times per day for eight weeks, for new scars (old scars requiring three to six months of the same treatment). It's over the counter, and Costco carries it at some discount.

Mederma is the tiniest bit oily when you're applying it, but when it's dry, it's perfectly smooth. No need to worry your hair will get stuck in it, et cetera. I did a little Net research on scars beforehand; apparently at least part of the mechanism is the massage itself. The idea is, scars form when your skin is cut deeply enough so that collagen comes to the surface. What you're doing is trying to break down the collagen.

Hence the onion extract, in a base which holds the extract onto the scar. It really sounds like marinating meat in onion juice. Which stands to reason.

I'll post again after the full eight weeks, if not sooner.

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