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Life of Colleen: Odds and sods, part 3

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Odds and sods, part 3
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Tuesday, December 22, 2009 at 10:26 PM (Pacific)

Eh...tired. House cleaning, laundry, mending, yadda yadda...

Which brings us to:

tide coldwater detergent

Tide Coldwater detergent. I've used this for several rounds o' clothes; so far, it's good. It cleans as well in cold water as regular Tide would in warm. Possibly too soon to say, but it also appears to fade colors less quickly than regular Tide would in cold.

dharma trading dye swatches

In 2010, I'm planning to get some black dye from Dharma Trading Company, and toss all my fading black cottons and linens into a ginormous dye vat. The site is a trip: four kinds of black dye (Black, Jet Black, Better Black, New Black), half a page of advice specifically on black dye, plus an entire small-print page of instructions on how to do it.

And finally--given this blog still touts itself as a beauty blog, despite the fact I seldom if ever post about beauty products any more--a passage about makeup.

My beloved Nars Jezebel duo eyeshadow has bitten the dust:

nars jezebel duo eyeshadow

It's still in the "Vintage" section (which is polite, apparently, for "discontinued")... And there is a 20% off $60 coupon code, CP9H1211, good through December 31, 2009, at, and free shipping for $25 orders--et cetera.

Buying a back-up copy of Jezebel, and tossing in some other Nars-a-licious product to get the discount, would appear a cosmetiholic no-brainer. I really want a back-up copy of Jezebel in the first place? It's my favorite eyeshadow--the lilac side features a good-sized dent, whilst the coppery side can't, since it requires a light touch. The duo goes with just about everything...but it'll be months, if not years, before the thing gets used up. I bought it July 2007, and Nars eyeshadows keep for years, without the tragic hardening of, say, MAC eyeshadows, or anything weird and crumbly happening.

I'd much rather wait longer and visit a b & m Sephora and just fiddle around with whatever's on offer at the time.

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