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Life of Colleen: Odds and sods, part 6

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Odds and sods, part 6
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Wednesday, February 24, 2010 at 10:18 PM (Pacific)

Spring is...actually not here. Yet it's important to pull yourself out of any wintery slump.

jcrew boatneck tee in hyacinth

J.Crew marked these down (for a magnanimous three days), so I decided to try it out. Not in the above shade--though tempting, I already have a cardigan in that exact lilac. A neutral boatneck would be more useful to me.

I 86'd the notion of trying LL Bean's boatneck (too casual) or Sunhee Moon's (sold out). A good boatneck is oddly uncommon. Oh well, let's see if the J.Crack version is all it's, ah, cracked up to be.

lace trimmed camisoles

Once you delve into the sheer, something like this is essential. I was glad to spot a camisole with lace on it, and not some dreary miniscule edge o' lace. Here they've even nicely matched up the lace in the center. The only fuddling aspect is why they don't have cream or nude...yet, who cares, "nude" can mean more than your standard creamy brown. The light grey one would do it; the idea is any colorless color, softly blending rather than standing out.

navy striped skirt

This skirt is not going to be here until March. It looks ordinary--on me, it's not going to be that short, more a knee length (always check the measurements)--it sorta looks like a sewing project, the kind of thing you'd make if you weren't totally lame with a sewing machine.

Yet it seems ideal for what I want. Much as I like the idea of long skirts, I find them aging, on someone who's actually aging (they seem more youthful on the young). A miniskirt is aging as well, again unless you are young. Mid-length works best.

And, it's difficult finding prints that don't cost a fortune...I'm not against that, actually, makes better sense than mediocre I want a print that doesn't register as a print. If I could find something that looks like graph paper, so much the better, but stripes will do it.

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