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Life of Colleen: Hermmm... part 2

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Hermmm... part 2
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Saturday, January 1, 2011 at 6:12 PM (Pacific)

See Hermmm... if you are lost.



My first "outfit of the day" pic! Dorky as it sounds, these pictures are actually quite useful. I'm sure to pop open my ootd pages when looking at clothes a glance, you can see if the item under consideration would work with what you already own, and get a ballpark what it would look like on you.


j.crew pencil cord skirt in golden wood
J.Crew Pencil Cord skirt in Golden Wood

Apparently I started drooling over this long before acquiring it. Here the virtue lies in the glorious color (really looks woody, with the golden brown and hint of green), and consistent 'Crew pencil skirt sizing (this was sold only online/catalogue). It's unlined, so you need a slip that's almost as long as the skirt to make it work with tights.


The Rolling Stones - "Emotional Rescue" (1980)

I didn't do too much wardrobe-wise in September, but listened to this song a lot, and a slew of other Bobby Keys stuff. I remember Keys' work better from John Lennon's Walls and Bridges than his more famous work with the Stones. It was interesting taking a Youtube journey, from Dion's Runaround Sue to the more esoteric:

The Jim Carroll Band - "City Drops Into the Night" (1980)


j.crew herringbone plaid boy shirt
J.Crew Herringbone Plaid Boy Shirt

Plaid! I have been drawn to men's plaid shirts since forever, and often wondered why (was irked as hell, really) there weren't similar shirts for women. Thank you, J.Crew. smooch


machine washable wool cardigan

I passed on Boden's machine washable wool sweaters; the prices were too high, even with coupons/sales. Do ya really want to spend a hundred bucks on a sweater? I don't.


sundance catalog carnegie skirt

Ah, it feels like only yesterday...erm...December was cold. I recall skulking around in every single pair of wool tights I own, and every skirt or pants in corduroy, velvet or anything hairy/woolly/furry/fuzzy.

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