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Life of Colleen: She's my Twilight Zone, my Al Capone...

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She's my Twilight Zone, my Al Capone...
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Saturday, February 26, 2011 at 6:09 PM (Pacific)

Cameo - "She's Strange" (1984)

She's my Rolling Stones, and my Eva Peron.

Hm. I liked the 80's.

Now on to the serious stuff:

jjill washable wool jacket
J.Jill Simple 120 jacket in Heather Grey

jjill washable wool skirt
J.Jill Simple 120 short trouser skirt in Heather Grey

I don't know if I actually like these pieces; I don't work in a suit office, and I'd rather the skirt zipped in back. The jacket is a bit overly conservative...and I haven't seen any of this stuff in person—there are other washable wool pieces in 'Jill's "Simple 120" collection, including pants, majorly long skirt, shorts may well all be fug, or fly to pieces when actually laundered in a machine.

Nitpicking aside, it's great. Any real reason you can't develop washable office clothes?

jcrew lace-over tank in taupe
J.Crew Lace-Over Tank in Taupe

Kindly allow me to throw in, re my current J.Crew drool list. This had to catch my eye...what do you really do when you see something irresistible? Do you just stand there while your eyeballs pop out of your head? muses

It's cotton, making it easier to maintain than silk, yet perhaps it's sufficiently pretty to work in a biz-cas office setting. Say on one of those sweltering summer days, when you're rifling through your closet, wondering what's gonna work. Could this be 2011's "Bettina Cami"?:


jcrew eyelet embroidered tank in dusty blush
J.Crew Eyelet Embroidered Tank in Dusty Blush

jcrew eyelet embroidered tank in baltic blue detail
J.Crew Eyelet Embroidered Tank in Baltic Blue - detail

This could be tempting too, along the same lines.

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