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Life of Colleen: OOTD; revised J.Crew drool list

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OOTD; revised J.Crew drool list
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Saturday, May 21, 2011 at 7:59 PM (Pacific)


Top: gifted (Felix the Cat tee shirt)
Jacket: C & C California
Skirt: Velvet by Graham and Spencer (also worn here)
Sandals: Cydwoq

Went 'Crew-diving; was a bit underwhelmed. Oh well. I suppose my wallet can thank me. sighs

j.crew chambray tuxedo cami
J.Crew Chambray Tuxedo Cami in Blissful Blue

This was indeed...blah. Too conservative, perhaps that's what I mean. It just seemed boxy, and the straps appeared a tad too long. The trick with making a chambray tank top would be to render it feminine and cute; otherwise it's, ah, your mama's chambray tank top?

j.crew sandstone linen swoon skirt
J.Crew Sandstone Linen Swoon Skirt in Natural

This seriously reminded me of a basmati rice bag—a tad thick and slightly stiff, with an obvious weave. Scarlett O'Hara could have fashioned this, had she had a bag of rice on hand rather than curtains. The deep bright blue version fared better (less sack-y because of the color), but I was not overly tempted.

j.crew indie dress
J.Crew Indie Dress in white

Saw this in both the black and white colorways. It was too young for me, but I do think it would look nice on someone in their teens or twenties. The detail was lovely.

j.crew alyssa top
J.Crew Alyssa Top in Mauve Morning

I spotted the white version; is mauve of those "online-only" shades?

j.crew linen island cardigan
J.Crew Linen Island Cardigan in Indigo

Now this...mmmmm...the navy blue rather appealed. The other colors were actually quite good—I seldom "want one in every color," but here I can kind of see it. The navy was special from the contrast of delicate sheer linen and deep tone, and navy blue always goes with gold buttons anyway. Could it work, for work? Would it snag?

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