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Life of Colleen: Dr. Hauschka shampoo review: Nasturtium and Lemon, part 1

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Dr. Hauschka shampoo review: Nasturtium and Lemon, part 1
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Thursday, October 30, 2008 at 12:01 AM (Pacific)

dr. hauschka nasturtium and lemon shampoo

Day One.

First sniff: health food store. The faintly sweet, herbal-y, mysterious scent of all health food stores, from Charlottesville to Berkeley.

Commenced to use most non-sulfate shampoos, you don't get tons of lather. There's a trick to it; you mix the shampoo with a bit of water, on your hair, to get it going. But don't use too much shampoo in order to get more bubbles; the usual amount is fine. This stuff produces a denser, almost creamy lather instead of the foamy airy sort.

Nasturtium & Lemon began to smell rather soapy, more than herbal or lemony. Quite pleasant; perhaps a bit more utilitarian than mind-blowing.

Hair: easy comb-out (I use a separate conditioner on ends, but hair wasn't stripped), and fluffy when dried. I didn't jump to conclusions, since switching shampoos usually produces fluffy hair at first anyway.

Scalp: seems less irritated and itchy, actually. I didn't expect it to immediately work 100%, for the same reason I don't expect good skincare to work 100% right away. It's usually a sign the product is too harsh--you get instant results and believe the product is working, but it's really screwing up your skin over the long run.

Day Two.

Yup--classic eau de health food store. Today Nasturtium & Lemon seems to have worked even better.

I've had this itchy, irritated scalp for a long time actually. Before, I used to get it only in winter, and speculated whether it was caused by indoor heating drying out my scalp (I get dry itchy skin in winter in general).

This year, irritated scalp seems to have expanded into a four-season issue. It appears to flare up when I've spent long periods of time indoors, i.e., no sun on hair...which would also explain the winter flare-ups, since I tend to remain indoors in cold weather.

Research on the Net netted the usual skin-problem gibberish: no cure, no information as to the cause of the problem, and a recommendation to use mainstream medicated products. Since I already went through all of this with my adult acne, I don't have much faith in this type of advice.

I'll post an update when I've used it more.

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