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Life of Colleen: My order

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My order
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Friday, October 24, 2008 at 12:01 AM (Pacific)

dr. hauschka lipsticks
#01 Amoroso, #09 Dolce

Several days ago, I ran out of my Dr. Hauschka #09 Dolce lipstick. Research showed that tube was purchased May 27, less than five months ago (okay, it was a matter of pulling up an old blogger post).

Given the lifespan of this lipstick, logic dictated the purchase of two tubes at a pop, not one. No longer a casual endeavor, not to be done in haste. I decided to try replacing #09 online, in hopes of finding a better price. own blog. :D The Internet label is a "bookmarks" tag, to keep track of sites which strike my fancy. I'd posted earlier about a sale code for a site carrying Dr. Hauschka products, namely, so I checked there to see if they had the Hauschka lipsticks (which aren't that hard to find anymore; carries them too).

SkinBotanica is not a small site. Beyond the Hauschka lipsticks lie a slew of other "natural" brands--John Masters Organics, Jane Iredale, NVEY Eco, REN, Eminence, Juice Beauty, more...

Then, it's linked to two other sites, Skin Care Rx and (The Banana Republic-Gap-Old Navy-Piperlime concept, where you can put everything into one cart with one flat shipping fee.)

I realize this post smells like a spam sandwich, but I'm not affiliated with SkinBotanica, and would certainly say so if I were.

Skin Care Rx carries La Roche-Posay, ah, a bunch of other skincare brands...I'm not into topical skincare much, but there are quite a few if you are. carries Jurlique, Etro, Annick Goutal, Laura Tonatto, Zents, Nuxe, bunch o' other brands.

What's sweet: free shipping on $49 orders, and I found a coupon code for 20% off both SkinBotanica and Skin Care Rx (didn't seem to work for AnneMichele products, but worth a try!):


They deducted the coupon before calculating shipping, so I had to throw in an extra product to avoid paying shipping (don't laugh--adding the item made the total smaller).

I decided to try two Hauschka shampoos, on the reasoning: a.) They're actually not that expensive--$13 for 8 oz.; b.) "Washing hair" means two separate entities, washing hair and washing scalp. My scalp has been irritated lately, and I'm wondering if the Hauschka shampoos are as good for problem scalp as their skincare is for problem skin.

I have contemplated trying Nizoral in fact, but years of adult acne make me leery of harsh chemical treatments for skin problems. They don't work for acne, that's for sure; the tendency is either "works at first, then stops working" or "works by destroying your skin." The better way is long-term, gentle products with boatloads of research behind them.

So, let's see how these guys are! I already got the two shampoos for $8.72.

(42 * 1.0875) vs. (42 + 26) * (0.8)

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