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Life of Colleen: On finding the right lipstick, and Dr. Hauschka lipstick review (#09 Dolce)

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On finding the right lipstick, and Dr. Hauschka lipstick review (#09 Dolce)
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Wednesday, October 15, 2008 at 6:23 PM (Pacific)

dr. hauschka #09 dolce lipstick
dr. hauschka #09 dolce lipstick
"Same roof, different climates."

It took me years to find a lipstick I cared to use up and repurchase. To be fair, lipstick has a mess o' variables, beyond the obvious shade (which itself can appear very different depending on the natural color of your lips and skin). Factors include texture, taste, scent, lasting power, versatility, transfer, tendency to bleed, moisturizing properties, packaging, price and availability, and--seldom mentioned but quite key--how well this lipstick suits your personality.

In the art of lipstick-seeking, the Indian makeup blogs deserve mention. They seem to fully appreciate the toil of choosing the right lipstick--and the rewards in doing so.

A gem mined from a quick google on "indian lipstick blog":

The Indian Make-up Diva: Besame Noir Red: Deep, Dark Red Lipstick

Is it killer or what?--lipstick, photo, and clarity of prose. It's a rather general search, to pull up something completely useful.

And a quote which has lingered in my mind for years--"Manners maketh a man but a lipstick maketh a woman!!"--was also from an online Indian makeup article, predating the blogs.

Serendipity found "my lipstick" for me: an exceptional Dr. Hauschka PR rep sent some samples to me. In those days, I was still wearing MAC Sophisto and Viva Glam V. That summer, I tried Hauschka's #01 Amoroso lipstick:

dr. hauschka #01 amoroso lipstick

...and ended up scrapping it in favor of their #09 Dolce, as the latter proved far more versatile and less seasonal (Amoroso was too much color come winter). As I write, I'm nursing the last sliver of my second tube of Dolce.

#09 has a certain level of brown as well as its sheer coral-toned rose. It doesn't look much brown on me, but then most lipsticks don't. It's a bit shimmery, and has an odd herbal Hauschka scent.

If I could fault it, it has a certain amount of transfer, but that would be nitpicking. (It's not as smeary as, say, a Clinique Butter Shine I owned before.) Dolce lasts reasonably well on (I refuse to use any lipstick requiring more than three or four touch-ups per day), and they give you a fair amount in the tube. Packaging isn't that crucial to me, but the simple brushed gold-toned metal tube is pretty decent.

It costs about as much as I'd care to pay for lipstick--$21, the same range as Chanel and Nars.

My second choice would have been Chanel, on the basis of their Moiré lipstick, which I've tried in sample form. The two shades are not dissimilar: both decidedly warm (Dolce more so than Moiré), blended with dibs and dabs of brown and rose (Dolce more to the coral, Moiré to the plum, with an interesting brick red tone), both with a scrim of shimmer.

Moiré is more "lipsticky" than Dolce, if that makes sense, and it's a cooler, more elegant color. Ultimately I was more attracted to the warmth and "brightness" of Dolce (as well as to the more natural Hauschka formulation).

That is the personality factor, which I feel is lacking from most "how to find the right lipstick" articles. Much has been penned on coordinating lipstick with skintone and hair color, but there is always a wide range of lipsticks to match those.

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