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Life of Colleen: Wardrobe: Cardigans

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Wardrobe: Cardigans
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Thursday, October 9, 2008 at 12:01 AM (Pacific)

The Cardigans - Explode

Cardigans are also a handy layer. I'm still working on mine...had three lovely lambswool cardigans from the Gap (from when the Gap still made good clothes), but lambswool tends to depend on drycleaning and a dearth of wool moths. And I had three longer cotton ones from (old) Gap which simply fell apart after years of washing and wear.

Do ya really need three cardigans? It's not a bad number. One essential in our Bay Area climate is a light-colored cotton sweater...bone, ivory, tan or whatever lighter shade you like. This works when the weather suddenly turns hot, in the middle of the day; a darker-colored garment would look and feel sweaty. Yet it's cold in the mornings, so you still need something.

One cardigan should be your favorite color, I think, since much of your wardrobe is in that range anyway.

The I say, I'm still working on my cardigans. :) Been experimenting with alternative materials, like the cotton-silk-viscose blend of the dark grey and blue-green models below (upper right corner):


Both are darker than depicted, especially the blue-green one. The fabric is soft and almost lambswool-y (has a minor amount of cashmere in it), but I'm wondering how well it'll wear. Oh well, wait and see.

As usual, the J.Jill items are next to fug in images, yet amazingly beautiful in real life (and typically vice versa!). The ivory cotton cardigan has carved buttons of varying sizes; I bought it at least in part for the buttons. (Three-quarter length sleeves might be good for a white sweater too, since it's the long-sleeve edges which look grubby first.)

The purple-toned blue one...looks nothing like the photograph. With Banana Republic, you can sort of shop online, but with J.Jill you really shouldn't. Anyhow, the blue cardigan is a blend of cotton and acrylic yarns. I'm hoping it'll reasonably sub for wool (until they develop a wool that doesn't shrink nor get eaten by moths coughs).

Still toying with the one at the bottom. It's Supima cotton, comes in a multitude of shades (save dark grey, drat it) and is reasonably priced. Since I don't need more cardigans, I'm happy to wait for a sale.

Kurt Cobain turned me on to cardigans, by the way.

Nirvana - About A Girl Live In Seattle '91

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