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Life of Colleen: Wardrobe meanderings part 3

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Wardrobe meanderings part 3
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Monday, October 6, 2008 at 12:01 AM (Pacific)

the clash on the cover of rolling stone magazine
The Clash on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine

Embedding disabled by request

This image, perhaps beyond all others, has influenced my idea of "what to wear." It's not that I wear literally these items, but the photograph was a revelation. The cover was printed in 1980, arguably the peak of The Clash's popularity...and what they were wearing could be found anywhere, at any store. I mean I had Levi's like that. It was a matter of putting it together and acting cool.

On a side note, I've had two "brushes with greatness" in my life, and one was with the late, and great, Joe Strummer. (The other was with Jerry Brown, but it's far less interesting.) I was fifteen or sixteen, really can't remember, and had gone to see The Clash in Virginia. I was up at the front of the stage, and it was packed...but Clash audiences, at least in the U.S., tended to be very nice. At any other rock show, someone was always trying to grab your butt, but that wasn't true here.

So I was jumping up and down, and I lost one of my shoes about half-way through the set. At that point all I could think of was finding my shoe. I started asking the other fans if they'd seen it, and they started looking for it, in the midst of the concert...and then some of them spontaneously launched me up onto the stage.

Here's the brush...Joe Strummer looked at me in this really friendly, natural way, like the guy next door, and did this little "bump" thing with me.

After that the roadies came and got me off the stage, but nicely; it was all fantastically civilized. I managed without the shoe, but after the concert, I found it. And I put on my shoe and went home.

I'd say I believed far more in the connotation of an outfit, than in anything else, after seeing that picture. If you see a girl in a floaty white dress and simple sandals, you're not likely to care if she's wearing Chanel or Prada, or if the outfit cost $5000 or $50. What you see goes beyond that--if it's done right. (Okay, you can tell I don't have stock in Chanel or Prada. rolls eyes)

Tommy gun
You ain't happy 'less you got one
Tommy gun
Ain't gonna shoot the place up just for fun
Maybe he wants to die for the money
Maybe he wants to kill for his country
Whatever he wants, he's gonna get it

Tommy gun
You better strip it down for a customs run
Tommy gun
Waiting at the airport till kingdom come
And we can watch you make it on the nine o'clock news
Standing there in Palestine lighting the fuse
What you want, you're gonna get it

Tommy gun
You'll be dead when the war is won
Tommy gun
But did you have to gun down everyone
I can see it's kill or be killed
A nation of destiny has got to be fulfilled
Whatever you want, you're gonna get it

Tommy gun
You can be a hero in an age of none
Tommy gun
I'm cutting out your picture from page one
I'm gonna get a jacket just like yours
And give my false support to your cause
Whatever you want, you're gonna get it!

Boats and tanks and planes, it's your game
Kings and queens and generals learn your name
But I seen all the innocents, the human sacrifice
And if death comes so cheap
Then the same goes for life

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