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Life of Colleen: Sundance b & m store is open, and henley review

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Sundance b & m store is open, and henley review
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Sunday, October 12, 2008 at 12:01 AM (Pacific)

sundance store open

They finally opened the Sundance shop at Corte Madera. It's the second b & m Sundance store, though there are plans in the works to open more (according to my Net noodlings anyway).

I haven't gotten out there yet; just as well, as likely the opening was crowded. I don't mind crowds per se, but I loathe shopping in one.

A while ago, I bought this Sundance henley online:

sundance henley

This is a better image than the one they used for the henley alone. :p Still, the color rendition is not there. Doesn't this appear to be a cream-colored shirt to you? Off-white, even? It's actually as much grey heathering as cream background.

And the sizing is...weird. I dithered between trying medium or large, based on the size chart. I can do medium as long as the bust is cut "generously"--to me it's not particularly generous, but many garments today seem cut small there. (If I were cynical, I'd say the makers were being stingy with fabric.)

So I went for large. How large could it be? It's cotton, so I could always fry it incrementally in the washer and dryer (if you try this, it's at your own risk!)...or just fold up the sleeves (years of borrowing men's clothes have made this rather ordinary to me). But if I went for medium and the bust shrank, I'd be stuck fiddling around with snaps, which doesn't always work perfectly.

The large henley...the sleeves are the main "large" part. They're hella long. Even after I fried the shirt, they were still a bit long. I'm too lazy to put them up; it's got buttons on the cuffs, and it's a casual shirt. I should be able to get away with a slight fold.

The bust just fit--not tight at all, but not sized in proportion to the sleeves! I'll venture the medium wouldn't have done it.

The rest of the shirt...a bit shorter in length than I would have liked, but not "too short."

So...I have this shirt, of this odd grey-cream mixture, sleeves a tad long, and I wore it.

The thing is this. This is the most comfortable shirt I've worn...hmmm...ever. It's bizarrely, unnaturally comfortable. Our climate (San Francisco Bay Area) is supposedly temperate, but it's not that'll alternate from day to day, hour to hour, between cold and hot. The day I wore the henley, I had a leather jacket and cotton sweater over it. The day prior to that it was tank top weather.

This goes to my pet theory that fibers are key, and the difference is not always obvious. I bought this shirt because: a.) I need to replace my white henley; b.) this looked similar--nicer even, with the rows of iridescent shell buttons; c.) it's very reasonably priced and d.) I'd like to give Sundance a shot.

When I saw the shirt, I wasn't overly wowed, but when I wore it, I was amazed.

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