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Life of Colleen: What I've been into, lately

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What I've been into, lately
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Sunday, November 2, 2008 at 12:01 AM (Pacific)

Wore this:

sundance catalog twill skirt

It was longer than I'd recalled; certainly longer on me than on the model (the "model height skirt factor"), plus I'd lost some weight, which wasn't planned. Still it's a cool skirt. I'm going to cook it in the dryer to shrink it (if you decide to do this, it's at your own risk!).

The skirt is a sort of dark grey green, and bells out at the bottom. Plus it's actually quite warm. It won't do ya the same as a wool skirt, but the weather here veers to the chilly more than to the outright cold.

dr. hauschka nasturtium and lemon shampoo

I've used this four times now. My scalp (irritated and itchy) feels better. To this point I'd been using Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat shampoo, which seemed to work better at first than over the long run. It's a decent basic shampoo, mind you, but this sort of itchy scalp...reminds me of my experiences with adult acne. You can't treat it by using what they tell you to use. You have to find something that works, not by stamping out the problem--which either creates new problems, or else loses effectiveness over time--but by gradually countering the cause of the problem itself.

dr. hauschka lipsticks

I'm so glad I replaced my Dr. Hauschka lipstick! I dunno...Hauschka isn't the most soigné brand out there, but it suits me. Somehow it evokes a lab...with mad scientists, working day and night, drinking beer on the job, yet what they produce is brilliant.

Between the time my last tube of Dolce wore down, and the sticky seal of my new tube got peeled away, I survived on an old tube of Clinique Apple Brandy Butter Shine lipstick. The color was pretty...dare I say even a bit prettier than Hauschka Dolce...but the formula! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Sorry, it was not moisturizing enough, at all, it was just depressing. One or two days into the new Dolce, and I felt quite at home again.

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