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Life of Colleen: Sundry bra reviews

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Sundry bra reviews
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Saturday, May 30, 2009 at 7:59 PM (Pacific)

Happy Saturday! Oh, this really cheeses me off:

vanity fair private collection bra

This is from the Vanity Fair "Private Collection," exclusively at Macy's (but is carried in a couple other places; try a Net search). It's a fantastic bra...comes in ethereal greyish blue, cream, nude-toned mauve, and black, and it's affordable.

What ires me: the smallest band size in this style is 36. I rifled the rack at Macy's, cursed them for not stocking my size, then went home, did some Googling and realized the dang thing doesn't come any smaller than that. Whaaaaat???????? I would have bought some, otherwise. Who says full figure has to start at 36 band size?

Tried this on, while I was at it:

maidenform lace cami bra

...the Maidenform "Meant-to-be-Seen" Lace Cami a possible less $ alternative to the Natori versions. Ugh. The lace so does not lie nicely as it does in the image. It just sort of...doesn't do anything. I'm not even sure it would look like a camisole at all, it just seemed to cover the lower part of the bra, which you wouldn't want to show anyway, and it doesn't lie flat.

I'd like to give the Natori Zen one a try--annoyingly enough, they didn't have it at Nordstrom, much less Macy's--but the thought occurs, it might be just as easy to make one yourself. Couldn't you take a regular bra and finagle a piece of lace over it? In fact what would be even better, would be something like the top of an actual camisole...a piece of lightweight cloth with lace sewn at the top, rather than (see-through) pure lace, or at least some kind of opaque lace fabric.

I'm a sewing clod, a skill, it would be priceless these days...but I like small projects like that.

wacoal embrace lace bra

Wacoal's "Embrace Lace" bra. Loved this; it doesn't look like much, but it supports as well as those much bigger-looking bras. And the drifts of flowers are enchanting. I tried the nude one under a white's well to wear a white top while bra shopping...looked fine to me.

Random bra advice...I read somewhere to try on adjustable bras using the biggest hook setting. The logic is the bra will stretch out with wear, then you can use one of the smaller settings, and then go smaller. I'd add it might depend on how stable your weight is. If it fluctuates, it might be better to go with the middle setting instead. (Likewise, you should be able to tighten the straps later on.)

The band should do most of the support, not the straps. It took me a long time to figure that out. If the back rides up, and you're shortening the straps a lot, the band is too big.


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