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Life of Colleen: Wardrobe natterings

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Wardrobe natterings
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Saturday, June 20, 2009 at 9:40 PM (Pacific)

Hermmmmm...this blog has diverted, lately, from its original frivolous purpose.

I checked out the Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale today. Walked out without anything. It crossed my mind I'd done that a couple of times, and that it probably was a sign. Do I ever actually need to go back there again? The VS panties are good, but you can buy them online. The bras you like are close to $50. You can get Wacoal for less than that.

I tried what I thought was this one:

It wasn't marked down in the store, but I was sure I'd seen it online for $12 less. I noticed something strange though; there were two kinds of them. Very similar in appearance, co-mingled in the VS stack o' see-through drawers, but not the same bra.

The "nice" Angels demi bra has straps with a sort of strip of velvet on them, and a much better construction. The "sale" Angels demi bra is crap, like all the other VS sale bras I tried on today.

sighs It used to be a good shop. Seriously. Now I think you're better off in a department store, or buying from an etailer with a good return policy.

I've started to compile a list of wardrobe rules, like "Gibbs' Rules" from NCIS.

  1. Never screw over your partner. This rule supersedes all other rules. (Just kidding, that is an actual Gibbs' Rule.)

  2. Never shop at Banana Republic. Mind you, I like their clothes, but that's the problem. The lasting quality varies wildly. Take this top:

    I really like this; it's amazingly useful. It functions as a hot-weather top, but can be worn year-round with a cardigan. It's dressy enough, easy to take care of using the "LAMP" of garment care: Cold water/Woolite/Delicate cycle/Mesh bag, yadda yadda...I've washed and worn it many times, feels like every other week at least, since buying it almost a year ago. And it's fine. It went a tad dingy, but I Oxi-Cleaned it, and it looks great.

    This on the other hand, was bought around the same time:

    Loved the notion of a dark grey cardigan--the buttons are a tad cheesy, admittedly, but I'm okay with that because the rest of the sweater redeems them. The fabric is wonderfully soft and thin, so it's cozy, yet lighter than lambswool, and it's washable (remember "LAMP"?). But I've struggled keeping the pills at bay with this thing. I'm having separation issues at the thought of ever tossing it. So replacing it at BR is out of the question.

  3. If you shop at a store and walk out without buying anything, twice, reconsider the necessity of returning to that store. Time is money.

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