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Life of Colleen: Marry me, Tom Servo*

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Marry me, Tom Servo*
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Wednesday, September 29, 2010 at 8:48 PM (Pacific)


Dress: Garnet Hill
Cardigan: J.Crew Jackie in "Pearl"
Belt: gifted
Nude micronet stockings
Shoes: Cydwoq Category
Necklace: made by my daughter

handmade venetian glass pendant

Sorry for the generally lousy photography; I'm totally knackered. My daughter made this beautiful pendant for me, from a Venetian glass bead I didn't know what to do with. Here's an earlier incarnation of it:

venetian glass bead

They still don't make this kind of glass anywhere else (though Americans make art glass); it's relatively expensive because of the process—they take a piece of actual gold or silver foil and layer colored glasses over it.

I'm starting to make a document, actually a training manual, of our software. My department never had a programming "department" before, just one guy slaving in a back room (my co-worker), but it's becoming cheaper to hire specialized programmers, than it is doing everything on paper or spreadsheets. In better times, you could hire extra staff to pick up the volume my department handles...but now we can't do that, and our volume has increased, pretty dramatically, every year since I've been there (2008).

With our new IT department, we're able to create a more integrated product than before; instead of the co-worker slaving away and me slaving away, and once in a while we look up and say Hi to each other, we can now plan out this giant system of interacting programs. Here is where the manual becomes key, because otherwise no normal person will know all of the available programs or what they do or where they are.

It all seems obvious, but my co-worker started doing a back end years ago, and it just sort of grew... Okay, in my secret fantasy, we have a training video too, like this:

* erm, Tom Servo was one of the robots in Mystery Science Theater 3000

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