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Life of Colleen: If it looks like this...

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If it looks like this...
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Monday, September 20, 2010 at 7:52 PM (Pacific)


...then you're doing it right (knocks wood, crosses fingers).

Top: J.Crew Bettina Cami in White Ash
Cardigan: J.Crew Jackie in Wild Mushroom
Skirt: gift from husband
Nude micronet stockings
Shoes: Cydwoq Category
Freshwater pearl earrings: made by me

Thought I'd play with some strange bedfellows today; I've done black and brown many times (one of my favorite color combinations in fact), but grey and brown?

Here I drew upon an earlier observation of J.Crew's ingenuity—how a neutral color can bridge warm and cool in the same outfit. The cami is definitely warm—I tried it with my navy blue Jackie and it clashed.

While the skirt is cool. Normally I would wear black shoes with it, not dark brown.

It's the Wild Mushroom cardigan which pulls everything together: what you don't "see" is usually what makes something work.

Ah, I was working on an I-20 tracking screen today, part of the International section. It appeared deceptively simple (it wasn't my screen originally), but typically those are the worst. We have a number of business partners and a hand-off to another department to process I-20 documents (close to 2000 applicants last summer)—some partners want I-20's sent to them, some want it sent to the student; some students are not attached to partners, some are. You want to show the correct mailing address and contact info, track who's updating I-20 mailout and when, and the carrier and tracking number. We have more than one staff id, because we're changing tables, and a number of permissions involved. And it all has to look pretty—which is something I insist on. It's underrated in software development, but pretty screens are easier to use. Typically our staff are thrown into the fire, so I try to make the interfaces as intuitive as possible.

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