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Life of Colleen: J.Crew Confidential #2

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J.Crew Confidential #2
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Sunday, March 6, 2011 at 1:47 AM (Pacific)

j.crew lunette mini in dark beechwood
J.Crew Lunette Mini in Dark Beechwood

This was nicer in person than in the pic. I mean it looks okay pictured, it's just anything termed "mini" is scary to me, and it looks as if it might poof out, giving you gargantuan hips.

  1. It isn't that short. I did my usual scoping around for a bigger size, and got it to fit akin to last year's Nico skirt:

    bremerton maritime park

    With opaque tights, it should be okay for work.

  2. It does poof somewhat. If you're against poofiness, at all, you may not want to wear this skirt. For me it was...well, it was great, actually. I got the blue one:

    j.crew lunette mini in dark navy
    J.Crew Lunette Mini in Dark Navy

    Had been looking around forever for a nice navy blue skirt.

j.crew lace stripe tissue tee in buff
J.Crew Lace Stripe Tissue Tee in Buff

Here's another item looking better in person. This kind of thing could be hit or miss, depending on the quality of the lace, and the overall effect could be super casual, or it could also function as a business casual work shirt (more valuable).

Nice touch, lace travelling around the back and sleeves:

j.crew lace stripe tissue tee in buff

You'd need to wear something under it for work (being constructed of strips of fabric and lace, not lace sewn over a solid shirt), but the lace is quite lovely. They didn't have the grey one:

j.crew lace stripe tissue tee in soft dove

"Buff" is light pink, with a faint tone of brown.

The sole glitch here: it is marked Dry Clean Only. It's cotton, so I'm wondering if the concern is the lace and fabric pulling apart (the lace is a bit delicate too). Could you not hand-wash it though?

I saw the Dorrie skirt, but not in the two colors I was looking for.

j.crew dorrie skirt in alabaster
J.Crew Dorrie skirt in Alabaster

The Dragonfly Blue and Chambray versions of this might have been interesting to me. The red-orange, it's too young a color for me. And I really don't like white skirts. I take public transportation (thought of wearing a white skirt on the BART kind of skeeves me out) and then I'm a clod, so would be destined to dump some food or beverage on it, no doubt the first time the skirt gets worn.

The brown one, Toffee, I just did not feel attracted to.

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