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Life of Colleen: Happy Friday!: This and that

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Happy Friday!: This and that
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Friday, November 7, 2008 at 9:47 PM (Pacific)

Mick Jagger - Just Another Night

Okay...ignoring the 1980's eye-makeup-on-dudes thing, or even the radiant dawn that is Rae Dawn Chong in this video...the song is extraordinary.

To give it a bit of perspective, the Rolling Stones were perhaps the worst of the booze 'n' broads bands, in an era of, well, booze 'n' broads. Songs about romance in that period tended to be mawkish, and those about sex downright seedy. It was a shock to hear Mick Jagger...I don't think I saw the video at the time, since we didn't have cable...sing these lyrics:

Give me just another night, just another night with you
Give me just another kiss, just before the dawn breaks through
'Cause I'm homesick, feel a little down and blue
And I'm hurting, hurting baby just like you

I was lonely 'til I saw you at the station
And I never thought you'd keep our rendezvous
Baby it's true.

Give me just another night, just another night with you
Give me just another kiss, just before the dawn breaks through
'Cause I'm hungry, hungry for your loving babe
And I'm thirsty, thirsty for your loving babe

And a one-day pass to heaven is so hard to find
And a one-night pass ain't really what I had in mind
I need your sweet tenderness, I need your soft caress
I know the day is coming, don't take away your loving
Can't you see that I'm human?

Just because you've seen my face, just because you know my name
I'm a stranger in this town, can't I have my ups and downs?
Can't you see that I'm human?

I get hungry, get thirsty
I get moody, I need attention
I need your love
I need your love
I want your love

Give me just another night, just another night with you
'Cause I'm freezing in this hundred-dollar hotel room
Don't make me leave you. No, don't you be so cruel

She's a Lady

I couldn't find the MTV-style video Tom Jones made for this song. I saw it once, twice at best; it featured various professional women (again, we are still in the booze 'n' broads period), which is why it lingers in my mind today.

This one is just as nice, with Devon Aoki, Angelina Jolie, Milla Jovovich, Carrie-Anne Moss, Lucy Liu, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jamie Lee Curtis...pretty much everything good, but I didn't catch Michelle Yeoh, so here ya go:

Wing Chun - Just a Girl

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