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Life of Colleen: Wardrobe yadda yadda

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Wardrobe yadda yadda
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Sunday, January 11, 2009 at 12:01 AM (Pacific)

Slowly catching up on my mending. Though I'm an utter clod on a sewing machine (more's the pity--it would be a useful skill to possess), I've never minded mending clothes by hand.

I "invented" a stitch in fact (I'm sure it exists, just never heard of it). You take a single stitch, then go back over it with another. The logic is, if it ripped in the first place, it's a high stress area. More thread- and time-intensive, but do you really want to come back and repair this place again? I'm thinking of using an excess-stitch technique on other mending projects. Thread now is cheap; time is expensive.

Of course it's a judgment call: when to mend, when to give up and toss the dang thing. I recently unearthed a beautiful cherry red cardigan, formerly belonging to the old man. The thing was coming to pieces. It took me several days to fix it. Still unsure about the sleeve...I went back over it again today.

The thing is this. To replace it now would cost a small fortune, if I could even find anything like it. It's lambswool, machine washable; I've washed it numerous times over the nearly eighteen years I've owned it (it's older than that). It doesn't pill. The sole buggers were a clothes moth invasion (hence days of mending), and stress on the sleeves caused the wrist fabric to split open--my fault, I should have reinforced it before it got that bad. (In my defense, this happened when I was taking care of my kids, so I had to stash a lot of things aside to do later on.)

Otherwise--it's almost as warm as a much heavier wool pullover would be, for being a lightweight cardigan. The lambswool fabric itself is simply wearing away with time. Inspect closely to find many places where the fabric has thinned. Some of my repair was in such places.

But the structure of the thing is sound, and it has three pockets. We've become a dreary world, where we grudge people their pockets to save a paltry few squares of material.

cafepress tank for

I was trying to find a photo of the red sweater (I'm almost sure I took one, long ago) and came across this. I made the image for Cafepress for this site, in 2003 I do believe.

In those days, I was so paranoid about copyright infringement that I took a photograph of my own coffee cup and used that (I still have the cup; it's white). There was a red image and a blue one. Heheh...good times.

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