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Life of Colleen: Random wardrobe meanderings part 11

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Random wardrobe meanderings part 11
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Wednesday, June 30, 2010 at 8:23 PM (Pacific)

j crew crinkled chiffon tunic in orchid shadow
J. Crew Crinkled Chiffon Tunic in Orchid Shadow

Why are you so unattainable expensive? The concept is brilliant: crinkled silk, which requires no ironing; double layers of fabric, more durable and textured; a divine greyed lavender, sure to coordinate with just about anything.

But it's $88, available only from the catalogue or online, thereby opening a giant can of shipping charges, along with the sales tax. It would end up over a hundred bucks. Here I am, idly speculating how much it would cost to get such a shirt custom made.

Oh well, just thought I'd share.

j crew switzel swiss-dot cami
J. Crew Switzel Swiss-Dot Cami

Okay, no griping about slouching models. I like slouching models. Don't care if they want to slouch. :)

I'm undecided about this top, though it looks useful. If you imagine it with a cardigan, the ruffles in front would look nifty...and I'm generally sick of ruffles. It just doesn't strike me as classical. Would I want to wear this top ten years from now? I kind of would, but what I'm after is more of an all-over lace blouse.

dotted swiss top
dotted swiss top

Argh! I just ordered's hard to distinguish, but it is dotted swiss material. I had a sudden craving for dotted swiss (which also drew me to Switzel above). Now I see the entire online store is gone. Wondering if I'll ever see this shirt...

There are many white dotted swiss tops about, and they're lovely, but colored dotted swiss would be cooler. This also came in cream, and I was contemplating that, but, as I say, the store disappeared.

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