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Life of Colleen: J. Crew Confidential

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J. Crew Confidential
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Sunday, June 20, 2010 at 9:39 PM (Pacific)

j crew embroidered zafrina skirt
J.Crew Embroidered Zafrina Skirt in Stone Blue

J.Crack just put a bunch of stuff on sale, including this skirt. Whilst the pink version caught my eye originally:

j crew embroidered zafrina skirt
J.Crew Embroidered Zafrina Skirt in Bronzed Clay the blue one did, at about half the full price.

On the 'Crew website, Zafrina is listed as 18 inches long, but I just measured mine (size Large) and it's a full 19 inches. Perhaps the Medium and smaller sizes are 18 inches. While I was at the shop, I tried X-Large as well to see if it was longer...not appreciably so, just bulkier and less flattering on me. The elastic in the waist is pretty relaxed, so you're actually using the drawstring to control where the skirt falls.

Hence, Blue Zafrina looks reasonably conservative, for being an embroidered skirt; it would work in a business-casual environment, as long as the rest of the outfit was simple and formal. It's a couple of inches longer on me than on the model.

While I was at it, I gave the formerly-$79.50 Linen Charter Skirt one last shot--it's now thirty bucks at my b & m.

j crew linen charter skirt
J. Crew Linen Charter Skirt in black

This time I did the "grab the biggest size, see if you can bring the hemline down" shtick, which didn't work. This skirt looks cute worn at waist level; bringing it down simply made it look less special and close to ill-fitting, and it was still too short anyway.

j crew cotton pimm  skirt
J. Crew Cotton Pimm Skirt in Fatigue

Get away from me, you olive green skirt! On the not-on-sale side of things, this admittedly attracted me, purely for its color. I passed on it...what I want is more like an olive pencil skirt, or at least something longer.

I realize I bitch a lot about skirt length, but many of the cute skirts are too short for me. I know, they're not targeted towards my age group I'll probably just keep on bitching, at least for skirts I can't finagle into longer skirts. :)

On a positive note, I am enjoying this olive green trend--yay! Green is one of my favorite colors...all kinds of green, but particularly green mixed with brown or grey.

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