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Life of Colleen: Random wardrobe meanderings part 3

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Random wardrobe meanderings part 3
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Thursday, June 3, 2010 at 8:30 PM (Pacific)

Kiosk - Eshgh e Sorat (Love For Speed)

If you're unfamiliar with Iranian food, the "ghormeh sabzi" referred to is a stew. You make it with lamb or beef, red kidney beans (not a lot of them, just some), leaves of green herbs such as parsley, the green part of scallions, cilantro, et cetera, and dried Persian limes. It's easily the most ridiculous thing you could put on a pizza, but an interesting observation of Iranian economy.

Just because my husband fancied Debbie Harry back in the day, shouldn't mean I can't put up something a bit cultural once in a while. :)

punkin nyc olive skirt

Punkin NYC

Even as I'm winding down, wardrobe-wise, I could not resist trying this line. This skirt in particular...who makes it in olive green? There are a gazillion black skirts, a bazillion in grey, but this line produces just about everything in a shade of dark green or deep red (my two favorite clothing colors), as well as navy blue, chocolate brown, some peppier blues, wine colors, prints, creams, pinks...

This skirt, the Fall A-Line, runs fairly large, at least relatively speaking. I dithered whether to try medium or large. There was a generic size chart on the site--yech! I prefer sites like ModCloth or Tulle, where they give you measurements of each size of each item.

But the large was available only in chocolate brown, whilst the more desirable olive green came in medium or small. I know, I could email the seller and likely get whatever I wanted, but something about the design struck me as...decidedly practical. If you observe the waistband, it could work higher or lower. There's no reason it has to fit exactly as it does in the picture.

Also, I asked my son. It's good having a consultant, particularly one who is opinionated and, well, blunt. I explained about the size large in chocolate brown and the medium in olive green. He immediately said I should get the olive green, since it was a cooler color, and the skirt could always be returned anyway.'s a nice skirt, so far. It has a side zipper (wasn't clear from the listing whether the waist had elastic in the back), and it's neatly double-layered (a nice touch, with so many skirts unlined these days). The olive is dark, yet still distinctly green. I'm digging it.

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