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Life of Colleen: Random wardrobe meanderings part 8

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Random wardrobe meanderings part 8
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Saturday, June 19, 2010 at 8:38 PM (Pacific)

It is Saturday, the most hallowed day of the week, since I usually do laundry on Sundays. I, ah, slept half the day. I've been tired.

aurora shoe company west indian shoe

Oh, dang. I had to discover this shoe company. Apparently everyone else already knows about them--Aurora Shoe Company--they're popular in Europe and Japan, but the shoes are constructed here, of American materials.

cydwoq art shoe
gratuitous Cydwoq shoe porn

May I say, I love wearing my American-made Cydwoq shoes. I get compliments on them, more so than on any other shoe since my old Cole Haans bit the dust (those were amazing little boots, all fine strips of leather woven together). I'm always proud to say my cool Cydwoqs were made here.

I only wish there were more American shoe companies, and that they would produce more corporate-looking shoes. I dig an eccentric or casual shoe as much as the next gal, but would be more than happy fulfilling all of my shoe needs American-made.

Back to Aurora...check this out: tiptoe #10

aurora shoes in japan

The first image I saw of these American shoes was taken in Japan! I felt funny embedding the photo here (professional photo), so made a thumbnail for it.

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