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Life of Colleen: End of another fabulous week!

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End of another fabulous week!
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Friday, October 22, 2010 at 8:47 PM (Pacific)

Well I had to title this post, and it was actually pretty fab.

Monday's OOTD: Something similar to respect the shoes' Tuesday: a swath of strong color over a neutral base. Only instead of the pretty wine-colored sweater, I had a fitted "cloth suede" shirt in a 1970's rust shade, over a cream turtleneck (J.Crew tissue turtleneck in Champagne), black skirt and black Cydwoq boots.

Tuesday: I thought we were going to the CIO's meeting, so I dressed up some with this necklace:

pearl choker necklace

I've got to take a better picture of it?, something similar to this:

old ootd

only with a J.Crew Jackie shell in Pearl:

j.crew jackie shell in pearl

and the Cydwoq shoes here:

old ootd

We ended up watching it on a webcast.

Wednesday: I wore my nun suit. :D I should explain, though I work in a male-dominated field, my department is heavily female-dominated. I could walk into the office wearing a flour sack and I doubt anyone would notice. Further, my co-worker is used to me; he would look up and say, "Did you update the tables yet? Yeah? Great."

But if I go outside my office, I tend to go more conservative especially in my field. Hence it was the cotton knit skirt, black stockings and shoes here:

old ootd

with a baggy-ish sweater (it's really neat, sort of a cream with a greyish greenish cast). I think it came out well.

Thursday: ah, here I really wish I had a pic. I had to demo my software (and there is no better way to debug it than to show it in front of a bunch of people? if you've overlooked anything, it's sure to jump out) but to my own department.

So it was either, business and casual got together and had a great relationship, or business and casual got together and produced a demon child... I had my conservative grey skirt and Jackie cardigan here:

old ootd

but with a more casual shirt. Oh well, I liked the color (strong lavender, actually it was a man's polo shirt from Banana Republic, but a nice one).

Friday: hmmm...I went out to lunch with my co-worker. It's important to take your programmer out to lunch, otherwise he ends up fused to his desk for months.

It was raining a bit today, so I wore my black suede rain boots (Canadian), this skirt and sweater:

old ootd

with a J.Crew tissue turtleneck (dark grey).

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