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Life of Colleen: Cydwoq "Carry" shoe

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Cydwoq "Carry" shoe
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Tuesday, September 23, 2008 at 12:01 AM (Pacific)

cydwoq carry shoe

I got to try this on, and would have bought it, had they had it in my size (Rabat Shoes in Berkeley).

The pic above layers Ped's olive-on-dark-green version with Gravity Pope's more prosaic black and brown...the Rabat Carry was better than either: black, with a dark green "tear." Black shoes go with just about anything, and the green tear added a dash of warmth, making the shoe more compatible with brown-based outfits. Of course the Gravity Pope black-and-brown would accomplish the same thing, but the green was more unexpected.

This shoe runs large. Usually I wear an 8, or 8-1/2 for narrower shoes (I have wide feet). But the 37-1/2 on hand was a bit too large for me. This shoe is ideal for wide feet and might not suit narrower ones.

Wearing it...very, very different from other shoes. The thing popping into my mind was a pair of genuine Dutch wooden shoes my sister and I used to play terms of support...yet, lightweight and crisp rather than heavy.

The look of the shoe was entirely apart from anything I'd ever put on my feet. I knew I'd found my brand of shoes. I just...don't want to wear another incarnation of the same old shoe. I'd rather wear something distinctly American, something which sprang forth from someone's mind.

I still haven't settled 100% on the Carry, exactly...oh yeah, Rabat had an adorable grey-green Cydwoq "Command" boot on hand too, which I could have gotten in my size, but I really need an office shoe first, so decided to pass. I just wish there were more places carrying a wider range of Cydwoqs to try.

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