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Life of Colleen: It was so hot...

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It was so hot...
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Thursday, July 15, 2010 at 11:54 PM (Pacific)

tulle marigold sweater

Huh, listen to the spoiled Californian. It was actually warm today, so I brought out this "sweater" (more of knitted top), from Tulle.

Tulle is one of those etailers I'd never in a million years have discovered on my own. I saw it first on Fashion for Nerds, and, at the time, glanced briefly at the Tulle site and concluded this line was for the tiny-sized women, they of the fabled XS.

The clothing does run small, but they have a size range, and what's nice: bright colors hard to find elsewhere, reasonable prices, a size chart with measurements for each item, "Tulle's Day" sales...a lot to like.

Of course I discovered this top would have fared better with a racerback bra (rolls eyes), which I don't own, but hey, that's what lightweight cardigans are for? I've found it advantageous to always have one on hand, something you can close in the front if need be (a primary reason I don't like the "open cardigan" trend). You never know, and, this way, you don't have to care.

I didn't wear this with it, but it's another nifty Tulle item:

tulle paper bag skirt

This is the linen "paper bag skirt." Mine's black; not, I believe, the "dew" shade pictured, and it's longer on me. I wore it with black tights before, it looked okay for a Friday, but I'm not sure it qualifies as a hot-weather office-friendly item for me. I'd have to figure out the leg covering first.

That said, it is pretty cool. It's constructed exactly like a paper bag: a straight tube of cloth. As a lightweight skirt with no tailoring involved, it works surprisingly well.

This might be more like it though:

tulle paper bag skirt

This is the other, cotton "paper bag" skirt they had when I tried my sampling o' Tulle. I haven't worn it yet...unlike Straight Paper Bag above, Structured Paper Bag requires ironing. My secret dream, amongst other things, is to have an ironing board that folds out from the wall. I'm not the best at ironing but for certain things it is essential, and the stand-alone board I do have is a major hassle.


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