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Life of Colleen: It's Friday!

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It's Friday!
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Friday, July 2, 2010 at 8:20 PM (Pacific)

I would write something like "shrieks" here, but my mind is totally fried. I started converting another program of mine, the "student record change form," to PHP. The new version is bigger, since the old one used our old style sheet. The new one uses my style sheet, and Sam Gordon's header image. The SRCF has thirteen functions, most of which can be combined on the same form (it generates a PDF dynamic to the information you input). Some actions warrant a separate form due to the way the form is processed.

Why not a fillable PDF? That would be dull, but, more importantly, the online SRCF validates student and course info, checks against deadlines, calculates course fees, customizes options to specific student type, yadda's more fun to use. But, on the business side, the object is to reduce errors.

On to the fashion stuff... :)

olive crochet tights
B.ella Codori Crochet Tights

Thinking of getting some of these--and leaping into a tree! (I like the photo.) The logic of these tights is they're 70% cotton, so could function similarly to thin socks, and the crochet pattern would be nice and airy. I wish they carried the "graphite" shade; grey can be more useful than black in these matters, as it has a softer, subtler appearance.

They do have the graphite sock version:

graphite crochet socks
B.ella Doris Crochet Trouser Sock

...and espresso, in the sock version only. Dang it! can't they have espresso and graphite crochet tights?

On the bright side, Burgundy Codori (reviewed here: Daily Waifu Snapshot) seems darker than it appears on sockdreams. I've found that generally true of Italian-made colored legwear btw; it can be a good thing.

Sort of dithering now between the olive green tights, or ivory? Does ivory look kinda saintly? I've seen solid ivory stockings pulled off pretty well, but, on me, ivory crochet tights might simply connote grade school. mumbles...

ivory crochet tights

images courtesy

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