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Life of Colleen: Just don't tell me it's not my night

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Just don't tell me it's not my night
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Saturday, April 6, 2013 at 8:19 PM (Pacific)

On the Waterfront (1954)

As I survey this derelict blog, the thought occurs...I could have been a contender, if I weren't, ah, a bum.

nivea black and white deodorant

Been meaning to try the above deodorant. It purports to reduce both yellow deo marks on white clothing, and white deo marks on black. Ludicrously difficult to acquire here, but it is on my wishlist. There are men's versions as well, of the stick, roll-on, and spray.

nars and god created the woman palette
Nars And God Created the Woman palette: Alhambra II, Bellissima II, Kalahari I, Galapagos, Coconut Grove, Night Clubbing

Yo Brigitte!

Much as I dislike palettes...with the nagging sensation of shades you don't want, or shades you already own...this pulled me in. I'd intended to try their eyeshadow base, they tossed in a brush, and some of the shadows, such as Galapagos and Kalahari, had been languishing on my wishlist.

Been fiddling around with Galapagos as a crease shade, playing with Alhambra and Kalahari as lid shades/washes...hmmm...pretty good, though the sole temptation for full size thus far is Bellissima II. It is the most angelic taupe, and I don't gravitate generally towards taupe. The pans are kinda doll-sized, you can just dip your brush in, but it is reasonably priced considering all you get to sample. I haven't tried the two darker shades—from sheer sloth, since I'd have to dig out a push brush and use them as liners, or else engineer them into crease shades (which does work on me with fairly dark eyeshadows, if I blend with a finger instead of a brush).

The primer is full-bottle-worthy imo. Yes, I can recall when you didn't really "need" primer, but you do now, or at least I do. Application is impressively quick and easy with the wand applicator, and you can always blend it out with your finger if you've glopped it.

The brush has already been claimed by my daughter, but it did seem nicely substantial and I'll probably borrow it at some time to review it. I've been soldiering along with my Sonia Kashuk large eyeshadow brush, which has yet to shed a hair (knock wood) after eight and a half years or so of use.

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