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Life of Colleen: Lipstick thoughts

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Lipstick thoughts
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 12:01 AM (Pacific)

paul & joe cat lipstick
Paul & Joe lipstick

I realize I've blogged hardly at all about beauty products lately—from sheer inertia. Been working my way through a tube of Dr. Hauschka #07 Adagio lipstick:

dr. hauschka lipstick swatch adagio 07

...which, while reasonably useful, is not something I'd care to repurchase time and again. (Unlike Hauschka #09 Dolce, which is a staple of mine.)

Come to think of it, this tube of #07 is probably my second (rolls eyes) but I'd had it in mind to try something else next time, and now both Adagio and Dolce have waned, down to the barest sliver (still usable, but gettin' there).

I'd a coupon, but online only; when I glimpsed Paul & Joe's cat-shaped lipstick in a google search, something told me I'd found my next lippie to try.

Since I'd a million years...wanted to own a cat-shaped lipstick, why the sentiment? The sculpted shape and natty printed tubes were sure to attract beauty bloggers—those kind folks who describe and photograph beauty products on their blogs. I mean Paul & Joe Beauté sounded vaguely familiar, from when I'd done some beauty blogging myself, but amongst a swirl of brands I'd never gotten around to trying.

The cat shapes appear to be limited edition, with P & J cranking out new cat shades now and again. Not something I'm into, since devolving into a pattern of sloth; I'd far rather chance upon something useful, and repurchase-able.

BTW other P & J LE lippies have a delicate flower design carved into the lipstick bullet (see Pink Sith).

After sifting through the swatch and FOTD (face of the day) pics, I decided to try #14 Strawberry Jam, modelled by Strawberry Mochi, Tracy's Beauty Blogsphere and Inspired by beauty. Perhaps it's difficult to go wrong with this sort of color, but I am picky about makeup, so the descriptions of lipstick quality are as valuable to me as images—I decided against Nvey Eco and Vincent Longo Lipstain based on mixed reviews of their feel on the lips.

Anyhoo, it's wait and see on this. :)


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