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Life of Colleen: J.Crew Alyssa Top review; workplace randomness

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J.Crew Alyssa Top review; workplace randomness
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Wednesday, July 20, 2011 at 8:50 PM (Pacific)

Colleague (writing information on a paper pad): I need a system for this.
Me: You need a device.
Colleague: I need something to talk to, and it writes what I'm doing.
Me: You mean..."Do What I'm Thinking"?
Colleague: (nods)
Me: I've tried that many times. It doesn't work.

Me: Why is it working? It works.
Colleague: It never works.
Me: Yeah, you're right. It works until you use it a few times. Then you find out it doesn't work.

j.crew alyssa top
J.Crew Alyssa Top in Mauve Morning

I got this, when the 'Crew offered one of their percent-off sales. Haven't worn it yet (sorry no ootd photo), but a few notes:

This thing definitely runs big. I tried on the white version at the b & m; size 6 fit me better than 8 (I wear a size 10 in the perfect and boy shirts). A nice feature is it fits over the bust without giant arm-holes. It's cut too low to wear as-is to work, but the Mauve Morning shade is formal enough to fly as business casual with a camisole underneath it (the white version seemed too casual to me).

I'm still irked at the idea of carrying only one shade in the store. The navy blue one looked pretty online, but do you want to fork over in the realm of Final Sale for something that may not look that great on? I was willing to take a chance on Mauve Morning, since it appeared one of those ubiquitous "J.Crew shades" (ex., burnished olive, mint green with a tad of blue, greys washed with blue and green, bright red-orange, etc.). The 'Crew excels at rose-brown blends (Mauve Morning is slightly browner and deeper than it appears on my monitor).

All in all—looks useful (I have a specific stash of work-friendly hot-weather clothes).

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