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Life of Colleen: Madewell b & m notes

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Madewell b & m notes
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Sunday, September 25, 2011 at 12:02 PM (Pacific)

Steely Dan, "FM (No Static at All)"

Nothing but blues and Elvis, and somebody else's favorite song... This version is described as 2003; the song came out on the radio in 1978. The live versions are sublime.

Madewell opened a shop in Corte Madera about a month past, and I made a pilgrimmage the other day. Perhaps unfairly, I was expecting a J.Crew-alike, but Madewell is quite a bit different. Smaller, for sure; better, in some ways.

Take shoes. My local 'Crews tend to be sparse footwear-wise, but the Madewell shop had an actual section of rather decent shoes and boots. Their plaid shirts are superior to J.Crew's imo, more attention to detail...the section in the back of the store is reminiscent of the men's section of J.Crew (I had to look twice). There is no sale section per se, just some marked-down items integrated with regularly-priced ones, which is okay I suppose. The sizes run larger from what I saw. I'd gravitate toward a size 10 or large in a J.Crew boy shirt, but the Madewell size medium "ex-boyfriend" shirt more than suffices.

madewell cloudwriter top
Madewell Cloudwriter Top in True Black

This was rather disappointing. I dunno, the tiny cloud thought was nice, but the overall look of it was a tad blah.

madewell dune trail skirt
Madewell Dune Trail skirt in Dark Camel

This was rather intriguing...they'd weathered the cotton twill in places to make it appear vintage, along with the vintage-y style itself. I looked it over—have been playing with the notion for some time of a female version of, erm, Dockers. This was rather Docker-esque, and indeed they show it with a more formal button-down shirt.

madewell driggs ex-boyfriend shirt
Madewell Driggs Ex-boyfriend shirt in Red Check

This was sprightlier than appears in the photo, with the harmonious red-orange and blue (looked great on both my daughter and me). "Ex-boyfriend"? We live in interesting times.

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