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Life of Colleen: Fall shopping...or not

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Fall shopping...or not
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Monday, September 12, 2011 at 10:35 PM (Pacific)

I actually don't care that much for fall fashion, as much as everyone else seems crazy about it. I mean I like deep red and all that, but summer office attire is a greater challenge (try being comfortable in heat without looking cheesy).

That said, I went gaga over this:

simple 120 button-front skirt in walnut heather
J.Jill Simple 120 button-front skirt in Walnut "Hthr"

Sure, it looks a tad fug in the picture, but, in person, it is a quintessential 1970's skirt. (The "good" 1970's I mean.) It's a bit longer without being long, and you can adjust the slit in front by leaving a button or two undone. Then there is the "hthr" color—heather? I give in? This isn't heathered by any means; it is a 1970's solid dark chocolate brown.

I've been wanting to try the J.Jill Simple 120 line anyway. Wool work pieces you can wash in the machine? I didn't care for the first items issued, but kept an eye on the line itself.

The Simple 120 jacket won't work with the skirt:

simple 120 jacket in walnut heather
J.Jill Simple 120 jacket

It's too big. An oversized jacket might work with a narrow skirt:

simple 120 short trouser skirt in walnut heather
J.Jill Simple 120 short trouser skirt

...if it works at all. The 1970's slightly flared, below-knee skirt requires a smaller fitted jacket, if there's going to be a jacket (since I don't work in a suit office, it's not that important to me; just saying).

Here's what I'm really lusting over:

cherry red wool sweater

This purports to be machine-washable cashmere; but it's not the cashmere I'm after. It's the color. I've searched for this shade (if the above item is indeed this color), for years. I have a cherry red lambswool cardigan, but it's over twenty years old and the fabric has thinned. Whenever I wash it, I have to mend it...poor wool, you have lasted these many years... This is the closest I've found to a potential replacement. (Boden also carries machine-washable wool and cashmere sweaters, but not in this shade of red.)

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