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Life of Colleen: A random thanks to the 'Crew

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A random thanks to the 'Crew
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Saturday, August 10, 2013 at 2:34 PM (Pacific)

j.crew jackie cardigan in warm orchid
J.Crew Jackie cardigan in Warm Orchid*

You know how it's easy to complain about what's wrong, whilst overlooking what is working?

I haven't bought a Jackie in...hermmm...a bit, actually. Some of the recent colorways bewitched me, and then they marked them down, and then I tried them on...heheh

The "newer" Jackies are noticeably less boxy than before (as I say, I don't know when they made this change). I used to get an XL just to get it to button in front, and then the rest of it was really too bulky. The superior colors, fabric and style made it all worthwhile, but with these newfangled Jackies I can get a Large and have it button up a treat. And it's more hourglassy.

Slight criticism: they should QA these better (I know, the price was good, yadda yadda). A button popped off of one I tried on, and I spied a small loose thread within the fabric of another. Not the end of the universe, I'm pretty handy at mending stuff, even if I'm a sewing tard...just saying.

Despite its purple-sounding name, "Warm Orchid" is as much blue as plum. Good thing, as I have several purple-flavored Jackies from J.Crew past—crocus tone, grey-purple fusion, random true orchid I got on sale... There was a lovely garnet shade which wasn't on the site, and I got that as well (color code PNO—pinot?).

* Should I crop the left-hand sliver of She Got a Wiggle? Partly I was bored (how many Jackie screenshots do I have on this blog?), partly wondered if the image would be indexed with the sliver, partly felt the video illustrated the hourglassy concept to a T...

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