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Life of Colleen: Random wardrobe meanderings part 16

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Random wardrobe meanderings part 16
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Tuesday, July 20, 2010 at 10:47 PM (Pacific)

handmade double strand pearl necklace

Yes, that is a stuffed animal. I didn't have one of those fake necks to model jewelry on, so the cuddly bear had to do.

I made two of these necklaces, the cream one and a grey pearl version I wore today. I don't have an image of the grey, it's quite similar though...the trick is to get two strands of fairly large freshwater pearls (you will have a few left over to make something else with), Softflex (beading wire made of fine strands of stainless steel covered with a clear coating)...pretty sure I used .014 21-strand?...crimps (tiny sterling silver tubes), and crimp covers (sterling hollow open beads you close over the crimps). That's one way to make it.

Here I used "wire guardians," which are small hollow sterling horseshoe-shaped pieces, to cover the Softflex where it touches the clasp--but I wouldn't make it that way now. I would use french wire, even with Softflex (it's fairly standard for silk thread). French wire is extremely fine wire in a tight coil; you cut off a little piece and string it over the loop of thread you want covered.

I wore grey and black today, which sounds kinda dreadful, but I was in a hurry and I think it came out okay.

j crew boatneck painter tee in soft dove
J.Crew Boatneck Painter Tee in Soft Dove

Here is my "grey" shirt, from the last batch o' boatneck painter tees (I really like these, but then I missed the prior batch with the nefarious raw-edged neckline). What I like about 'Crew, perhaps above all other factors, is their use of complex colors. So this, which would be drab and soul-sucking had any other mainstream manufacturer cranked it out, incorporates a little green and a flash of blue. It's rather like the sea on an overcast day. My grey pearls are the slightest bit green and subtly, though there was no obvious color, at least I avoided the funereal (which I've done before, typically involving too much black).

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