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Life of Colleen: Petal Pusher Fancies Live Enzyme Deodorant review - Sandalwood

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Petal Pusher Fancies Live Enzyme Deodorant review - Sandalwood
posted by Colleen Shirazi on Saturday, July 5, 2014 at 11:36 PM (Pacific)

Hermmmmm...perhaps I have found thee...after randomly searching for a non-aluminum-containing deodorant for years. I mean I haven't been all-out searching—not allergic to conventional deodorants, and my Nivea Black and White stick deo, layered over one of those ubiquitous deo crystals, has been working quite well.

So why the deodorant curiosity? well, Nivea still does contain aluminum, and a parcel of other rather chemical-sounding ingredients. If someone were to come along with a more natural alternative, and in the convenient form of a stick (Soapwalla's deodorant cream works pretty well, but takes dedication to apply—I'm not a morning person), I'd be up to try it.
Today my Sandalwood Petal Pusher arrived (from Smallflower, which has also video-reviewed this product), and hey, it is the weekend. Who cares if it fails? go home, put something else on? and so, steady the Buffs!

First impressions: dry sandalwood, a tad sharp. Smooth and easy to apply (was fearing a stiff chalky granola-esque experience, but no). Smells good, unisex enough. Slightly tacky, in positive way—folks who've endeavored finding a non-aluminum-containing deodorant which does anything about wetness know what I mean—tacky? could it mean...?

Test drive: inland road trip, into the gorgeous desert heat without air-conditioning. Hm. No evil smell and minimal wetness, easily comparable to Right Guard. I still love the brown hills of California btw...amazing....

Random shopping, longish drive home, and then a one-mile hike uphill. I'll have to say this did commence to degrade after all that abuse, but subtly and reasonably so. I smell okay now, in fact, closing in on midnight.

So far a total thumbs-up. I will be trying out the Neroli version as well (not tempted by Steam River Rum or Cavendish).


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